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UPS Header Template

FedEx Header Template

Terms of Service

PDSLogistics: Print Service Request



After reading the notes below, continue to the request form


Please take a moment to review the following information before submitting the form.

  1. Ensure that account number(s) are valid, active accounts.

  2. Requests will be examined when they are received. If obvious errors are present in the request or shipping address list(s), we will immediately contact you to resolve.

  3. Please advise the local operations station of the pending shipments so they can expect the shipments for the scheduled pickup date.

  4. The Client’s Company Name must appear on the spreadsheet as it is to appear on the labels.

  5. Any special handling requests should be given on the request sheet or considered void.  This includes but is not limited to labels staying in a particular order and labels being divided into specific groups.

  6. Manifest information will be contained on the provided CD and must be printed by you to deliver to the driver.


  1. Files must be in an Excel or CSV format

  2. File must include a column for number of pieces (should always be 1)

·          If more than one shipment is going to an address, then that address must be present in the list once per shipment, on an entirely separate row in the spreadsheet

  1. File must include a column for weight

  2. International and Domestic addresses must be in separate files/spreadsheets

  3. All country codes must be two letters. (US, JP, CA)  USA, Japan, Canada, etc. will not work

  4. For countries with states, two letter state codes must be used

  5. Postal codes must be correctly formatted for the country shipping to

  6. For dutiable international shipments, we must know in advance the item value, country of origin, and detailed description. If PDSLogistics is expected to provide commercial invoices, this information must be included in the file with a column for each item

  7. For domestic shipments only the first five digits are required for zip codes. No PO Boxes

  8. Files with long addresses should be broken up into 2 or 3 separate fields. (Address in one field, and suite/dept in another field). Please note the following maximum field lengths:

q     Company Name   30 characters
q     Attention To         35 characters
q     Address lines       35 characters
q     Reference            35 characters
q     Description          40 characters

  1. We encourage including phone numbers. Please include area code

ITN numbers must be provided for AES shipments

UPS Header Template:

If processing UPS, please see this template <csv format> to assure minimum required fields are contained in the data file before submitting to PDSLogistics for fulfillment.

FedEx Header Template

If processing FedEx, please see this template <csv format> to assure minimum required fields are contained in the data file before submitting to PDSLogistics for fulfillment.

PDSLogistics will review and provide feedback related to any data-file concerns upon receipt. Please make sure that a technical contact is provided in case we need to reach out for any data field corrections that may impact our ability to process through your selected carrier service.

Terms of Service

Please be sure to read the PDSLogistics "Terms of Service" before submitting a request for service.




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