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Getting product from the factory to the customer is never simple

Many executives with supply chain and logistics responsibilities are moving out of "survival mode" and beginning to make their supply chains more flexible, responsive and efficient. They are looking to trim the number of distribution centers while minimizing transportation costs and cycle time. If they have moved operations or sourcing overseas, they are looking for strategies to help them better manage a more complicated set of logistics and get a handle on fluctuations of inbound shipping costs looking for ways to respond to changes in customer order patterns and incorporate important new technologies.

  • We specialize in logistics

  • Supply chain management

  • Warehousing

  • Transportation, and customer service issues.

It's all we do and all we've ever done. We don't use logistics as a way of selling you something else.


At PDSLogistics, we've been helping leading companies in a range of industries tackle these problems for over 30 years. Though every problem we encounter is different, we approach all of our engagements with certain fundamental perspectives:

  • Develop long-range plans to carry out corporate and marketing objectives in the physical distribution system configuration, staffing and performance.

  • Determine and benchmark current productivity and costs through physical distribution cost audits.

  • Obtain transportation cost reduction through consolidations, rate negotiation, private/contract carriage and mode analysis.

  • Establish optimal logistics functions, operations and facilities

We aren't beholden to any particular solution or platform; our only concern is what is best for our clients.

Our work covers the ground from strategy through implementation. We can design a new strategy or analyze a problem, propose solutions and then oversee implementation, according to your needs.

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PDSLogistics specializes in taking clients from broad-stroke strategy to practical tactics on logistics design engagements. Our solutions enable clients to optimally deliver finished goods to customers without losing sight of business needs or customer requirements.

The fundamental selection of the distribution channel and the resulting structure of the product delivery system involves consideration of sales and marketing issues as well as logistical issues of sourcing, production, warehousing, stocking, and delivery. This often requires an evaluation of the feasibility of direct sales and the role of distributors. In addition, we use computer models to examine the broad questions of, "How many distribution centers do I need? Where do I locate them? What inventory should they contain?" We use client data and our knowledge of service performance to design a logistics strategy.

For more information on our logistics consulting services and how PDSLogistics can help your company design a logistics strategy that enables efficient and effective delivery of finished goods to your customers [send us a note].

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